Monday, December 26, 2011

New Track/New Project

Certainly a working title for the new Empirical Paper project. Since it's a first track I've sent out codes to a few friends to enjoy. Contact me if you'd like one before it becomes part of the new LP.

With the new project there are no rules in particular. I'm trying hard to differentiate it from Sodacon so that when I go
back to that project I can pick up where I left off. For this one, no lyrics just ambient beats, other songs will have guitar, possibly lyrics, I haven't made any rules just gonna go with it.

The new App

I am done with a new build for the application which can be accessed here. It now has cross functionality with Bandcamp and includes the entire Sodacon catalog. As I get ready to release music for the Empirical Paper project I'm sure this will be invaluable to people who are seeking out ways to find the music. If they've already installed the app on their phone the information will already be theirs in real time. :)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Yet it's live -

This is the good stuff in life. I worked on this app all day today, not sure why yet now I've got it connected to my RSS feed on this blog. When I update the blog it updates it on the Android application "EmpiricalPaper" which I created today. If you are interested in trying it out you can snag a download from the android market or test out the beta version here:

This is a test

Captains Log, Star date 12/21/2011. I'm trying out a new blog and if this works right it should link directly to my application and I'm beta testing to see if it can be read from there. I'm going to go ahead and submit this as a test. Should anyone come across this entry, please note that it's for testing purposes only.