Monday, May 26, 2014

Pencil Sketch 1 and Thoughts

Some guy driving toward an eyeball hill 

Trying to figure out where I left myself as my brain kept spinning  upon waking up. At least was able to sleep in that one day. I remember saying something to my significant other, she said she was off to take a bath, I told her I was going to go soak my brain in sleep. That's exactly what happened as I quickly visited the bathroom and laid down for what was close to 9 hours. I can barely remember dreams folding into dreams like a distant haze.

Today I decided that it's time to start sharing my sketches. A lot of them are quick and crude, yet fun to share nonetheless. Although I've posted tons of digital paintings I figured it would be nice to let people know that I pencil sketch all the time. I feel it's something that helps to get the imagination going and it's great practice for later when I break out the digital paintings or oils. It's also nice because every day I can't do a grand production, music videos and what not. This helps to formulate ideas and I can look back on my sketches over time to see what frame of mind I was in.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Sci Fi render art turns into Space Rock and Acoustic Traveling Bliss

I'm sharing tracks I've been working on for multiple projects. First I'll share something from the new Sodacon album called Glow Moon.

I created a series of renders featuring a mountainside, primitive alien beings and a glow moon with different types of weather and snapshots coming up and down over the horizon. This originally wasn't going to be the main album theme and then as I created 30 Glow Moon pieces I found that it all fit together nicely, even telling a story. The lyrics came easily for Glow Moon and I went into the studio recorded the song in sessions spread out between 2 days. More to come as I continue to add to this project.

The next track is from Moment by Moment, a new full band acoustic self titled project.

My original recording of this title track song took some time to adjust, mostly because I was busy working on all the other songs. Still it's moment by moment, breath by breath, one foot in front of the other we step, so I knew I had to finish. I knew which adjustments to make since it was on my mind for awhile. The end result is a track that sounds airy and fits the mold for a traveling song.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Salmon and Rice

Last night I cooked Salmon with rice including spicy cajun sauce and olive oil. I used a fair amount of olive oil in the pan and was liberal with the cajun spice both below and above on the fish, also when peeled and switched. 

Salmon in the frying pan 
At a certain point the skin is easy to just peel off. If you try to peel it at any time during cooking and it's being stubborn, come back in a few minutes. The fish will peel easily and then you can flip it for a few more minutes of finishing. 

Salmon with cajun spice and vinegar (not used in dish)

Rice with cajun spice

It helps to keep some vegetable and olive oil on hand. Always season the pan for about 10 minutes before cooking. 

After this I added tomatoes and green chilis and brought it back to a boil. At that point I brought it to a 20 minute simmer and added more cajun. Salmon and rice all done. Next time I will take more pictures of the finished product and share it again. 

Happy Friday - Digital Cactus and Moon

Here is the weekend, and I wish a happy Friday to all.  Something for you to enjoy while I'm waiting for my video to encode. Unfortunately I'm recovering from an injury. Yay, always fun when something creeps up midweek out of the blue. Still staying creative with the music and finishing up projects. I have a new video that I'll post later today once it's done encoding. 

I'll start by sharing a digital painting water color, mixed with a tiny bit of oils. I can't remember from months ago yet I believe it's called Digital Cactus.

Digital Cactus - watercolor mixed with oils 
 Lately I've been blocking in my compositions with a drafting pencil and it's yielded better results. Enjoy your spring weekend in 2014 and shouts.

Glow Moon 19

I've tried all sorts of different things with the Glow Moon series. Here is another variation. 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Mid week round up

Glow Moons 

It's impossible to know where this idea came from originally. I started with a stretched nurb and some polygon smoothed cylinders. After that I duplicated some forms. The real fun for me is in the textures which constantly seem to be changing with each composition. 

Glow Moon

I truly enjoy the experience making glow moon comps and enjoy sharing them.

Tunes: this week was fun, enjoyed sharing the new music from +Sodacon 

I also had the chance to finish a new track for the Moment by Momenty project called Weekend

Glow Moon 17 Painted 3d Render

Had a tiny bit of free time and put some energy into Glow Moon 18. I'm starting to think of it as more of an island, and it goes through it's seasonal changes. A painted 3d render.

Glow Moon 17 

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

New Glow Moon Design

Newly designed Glow Moon

This morning I found a new render of Glow Moon. Adjusted color and shadow and here is the result. The middle section gave a surprising effect, with the slope side of the mountain with a dark to light spectrum of blue.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Iris Art March 23rd Sunday Shout

Purple Iris Digital Painting
Spring time is here again and I look forward to getting outside and seeing all the purdy flowers. I also can't wait to break out a few gardening tools and try my hand at planting some vegetables. Sending out a shout today. I've included a few digital paintings of iris's in my yard. These were the ones that I shared with +The American Iris Society. I'm looking forward to this years paintings. 
Red Iris

Purple Iris Digital Painting yellow backdrop

This last one isn't an iris yet I figured I'd add it for effect. I have additional techniques I can
try for this years spring paintings and I look forward to posting them.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

New song

New music - space rock

Friday, March 21, 2014

Dawn of the Return - New Space Rock

For today I've switched the blog over to +Sodacon to write about the latest recording from earlier
today, one I've put a  working title "Dawn at the Lighthouse".  A strange title yet a very nice track and one that I'm excited to share with fellow space rockers. I've posted a quick screenshot. As for the audio I promise I won't delay and will share it soon.

I just barely came across this erratic motion sound in the library, I may use it or I'll switch to another preset that is subtle. The track is mostly comprised of guitar, bass, vocals and drums.

For awhile I couldn't even remember that I had started this track, and then one day it was in my head humming along. I figured I may as well explore it, and I've glad that I did. We'll see how it goes yet a possible video as well. No matter what always on the space rock accelerator. A shout and keep on rockin on. 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Digital Paint and Fantasy Characters

Orange world 

When I jam I like to start with a nice mellow riff or beat. Hit the red button to record and see what kind of magic unfolds. Same goes when drawing or painting. I throw something down on pencil and then it turns into something I can use as an under painting. Time will tell if I'll use these characters for  future renders yet it's still nice to sketch things out naturally. 

The one below is a sketch called Train Guy. I've got a color version done yet so far I like the black and white block in better.I may adjust this later and add more to it.


This is the Necromancer. Delving around in fantasy art. As I was blocking him in I wasn't sure about his back being turned yet it worked well and I like the vast sea of blue behind him. 

Monday, March 17, 2014

Glow Moon Series


   Happy St. Patricks Day! I started working on this thing called the Glow Moon series recently and posted them to +Sodacon . Different renders of a mountainous structure, a moon and some landmarks mixed with digital painted backgrounds. Made for a very fun series. It seems as though a few projects are coming together at the right time. It's nice on the somewhat rare occasions that it happens. I have additional plans for these in the near future.

Glow Moon


Friday, March 14, 2014

A New Beginning

A New Beginning 

Back for more friends it's great to see you again. A blog post how nice. The thoughts roll out of my mind and onto the electronic page. Quite a lot has happened since I last worked on the Empirical Paper app. Finished more classes and am back working at my own thing. Re-designed the Sodacon web site and it's now launched, both albums are nearly done. Looking forward to their completion and release in the next few months and then on to new projects.

Thanks for visiting me and listening to my thoughts this morning. I'll be sharing this blog on my new site as well as posting these to the +. Rock on always.