Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Flowing with the Current

     Tonight I feel a little better as I was able to upload the song I recorded last night. Sometimes you get so overwhelmed and it can be frustrating trying to manage everything that needs to be done. The new release(s) seems to be on track and we set a date for December 13th. I know release dates may not mean much anymore and sometimes they can get moved yet so far I can say we are on track.
   I've seen so much in my music life and dealt with my fair share of criticism, and sometimes even family. It makes it more difficult and then again there are great people who also present great things and I try to find and follow them. All I can say is I'm grateful for what I have in this life. It may not seem like a lot yet to me it's the world. I spent a lot of time thinking about this it I'd rather gravitate back toward those who have supported me most and support in return. To you I salut. Enjoy this new upload from today as well as the new Sodacon logo.

Friday, October 14, 2016

As the week unfolded...

     As the week unfolded it seemed as though everything is at least moving in some kind of direction, as opposed to the feeling of everything going at a snails pace. It feels good to be at the end of the week and some things have fallen into place. I enjoy the moments I can be in my studio and working on the new projects.
    You know the feeling. Tired as hell all week yet was able to get most of the way through recording a new song and prepare for Saturdays broadcast on Stageit. We also created a new promo video highlighting the new song.

     It's been a fun October as I've hidden out in the studio recreating some of the best tracks in my older catalog while also writing new material. It's been a fun experiment and I've enjoyed the music. One particular track "Lake Affect" is one I dragged out of the vault that has been a particular joy. I hoping to share the song this weekend.

I've also been working on new merchandise, created a t-shirt design that includes Sodacon text with strokes of gray and lightning bolts. I have a lot more in the works and am really focused on creating new unique items. I'm considering types of arm bands, several high quality t-shirt and hoodie designs, new stickers, or cd packages with basket of goodies and more. We'll go one at a time and I look forward it.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Adventures in the studio

     So far we are humming right along, and have the projects set. I took an older track from a project back in 04 and reworked the song. I also started another new track and have 3 discs set for release. I've been uploading each track individually and also going over concept ideas for the new covers.
     One of the discs, Hybrid Portal is all but completed along with SpaceArtRock 2.0 with a whole new array of new songs. The new album The Story Goes will contain all new songs as well.

Moments when I'm not working I've been spending time with my boy, who is talking more and recently started leading everyone around the house by the hand when he wants people to see something. My significant other is awesome as usual and getting excited for Halloween. I've added the usual decorations and am trying to figure out a costume for the dog. It will be one banner season and looking forward to sharing the new songs.

Friday, September 23, 2016

So Many Times Again...Sodacon is back!

    It just seemed inevitable. We were off the radar for awhile and then suddenly we're back and it's really good to be back.The web site was updated and changed to There are also several new songs added to the live set. I'll miss in it's many incarnations over time, although now it's still alive with a rockin new name.
     The reason I lost the other domain is because i messed up. I was a half day late to renew the domain yet they said it was now in redemption and I had to pay $165.00 I'm a new dad and sometimes I'm busy taking care of my family. All in all I refused to pay huge fees for web domain redemption in the middle of a hot and ultra busy summer. Getting new hosting and redesigning the site took awhile yet I knew I'd get it back online eventually. Unfortunately trying to get around to designing it again was a pain. I realized if I was going to use Wordpress I'd have to invest in a nice theme although I don't like tinkering around with code hours at a time. After redesigning with Bandzoogle things went better. Either way can rock everyone has their way of going about designing their sites.
    Thank you for your support this last few years because as rough as it was, getting through it is satisfying somewhat in one way. We all have limited time and resources so you just have to make the most of what you have. I tip my hat to those who've done well in similar situations. We've added new songs and this little blog post is a nice icing on the cake for the beginning of a new adventure with

Thursday, June 16, 2016

The new album and catching up on the last few months

    My goal is to consistently post more often about the music I create. Currently my team and I are working on the new album consisting of space rock anthems and pop rock enjoyment. I can't wait for the new Sodacon to come out and the new tracks so far have a nice sizzle. You can hear the new tracks on Reverbnation and soon to be released as part of the new album. Today I'm focusing on the 3 most recent new Sodacon tracks. Soon the new singles will be released digitally along with music videos and the rest of the tracks from the new album. Enjoy the new songs below as you read:

So Many Times Again

    This particular track was recorded in March and ended up being a space rock anthem. It mainly describes my feelings about the huge amount of injustice we have to face in our lives and doing anything we can to overcome hardship. It's got it's fair share of unique Sodacon vocals "Brings back my style" as the chorus repeats so many times again (no pun intended). It fades out at the end and then comes back in with it's signature riff. 

Lightning Maze (featuring David Namerow) 

     What can I say about working with David on this track. It was seamless and amazing. I first contacted him because I found his Reverbnation page and I listened to several of his tracks and enjoyed them immensely. I humbly reached out and asked if he would collaborate on a song and he was very gracious about it. In fact he was also nice about giving me time to provide him with something. It took me about two months with all of life's distractions and chores to get back to him and he was still cool about it. I started writing and recording Lightning Maze at the end of January with David in mind for added percussion.

     I knew it was going to be an epic song with an adventurous quest theme yet I didn't know it was going to be so long. I created sections where I knew David could add percussion and tried to keep the mix balanced on that factor for the parts. I was worried when I first sent the mix to David and was not sure what to tell him about the track being 8 minutes and 32 seconds. I finally decided to just not say anything and just let him have at it. He did two different takes and sent them back to me and I enjoyed them both. We ended up releasing the song digitally worldwide, am creating a music video and also plan to work with David again on more songs.

Astro Jets

   I'm still trying to wrap my brain around the latest Sodacon track. It was created quickly within a weekend and the beat and bass serve as the core and then an interesting guitar riff comes in with ambient well mixed keys. The vocals are pop rock and fit the bouncy rhythm and lyrics regarding space travel and a willingness to not over analyze anything. I wasn't even sure how I felt about this track at first, and then exactly a week later it felt really solid and now its got a permanent spot on our Amazon Echo playlist. Strangely enough people in my house and friends started digging on this track after exactly one week. It reminds of those songs you hear at first and brain doesn't know what to do with it, and suddenly you hear it again and can't get enough. Music is a strange and wonderful thing. 

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

New Music Video The Bottle Song and more...

A lot is going on at once and we'll try to summarize as best we can. Recently we launched a new music video for our single The Bottle Song. This video was a lot of fun because I had some help with set up. We did some shooting in front a white screen and even though I didn't use all the footage I like the end result in process.

We also created shots in my home studio as well as included a few stills from when we were out hiking around. There was some inadvertent and neat effects that came out in the final render. We are now excited for the next music video. Please check out our new video below, and subscribe to the new channel if you like it. Make sure to give our Google Plus brand page badge.

The next track we'll be shooting a video for is for song Accelerate which you can also enjoy below. Pick up the new album SpaceArtRock on Itunes, Amazon, Spotify, Google Play and more.