Monday, November 2, 2015

Sodacon returns with new album, music video and shows.

     Here I am composing a blog for the first time in awhile and making a post on the new blog which is now attached to the new home page. I'm grateful to have the blog back
for the first time in awhile, I'm also grateful to be able to bring the web site back online for everyone and to share the new album SpaceArtRock. For a long time it seemed as though Sodacon had fallen off the map. Thankfully it's not completely true. We hadn't released anything since 2011 and 2012's Songs of Summer Volume 1 was a limited release on Bandcamp only. In the background however a lot of time was going into the new album and I've kept jamming while performing acoustic in places wherever I could while sending out online videos shouts and hangouts on G+ from time to time. In fact our G+ brand page amassed over 4000 followers in the last few years. Many artists may dismiss the idea yet using the brand page yet it been great for Sodacon. I've been putting together SpaceArtRock for the better part of two and a half years. A lot has changed since then and I'm glad that it's to the point where we can start playing live again and share this special new release with fans.

   A few things about the new release. I had it on Bandcamp for a long time and would share rough draft mixes periodically on Google+. I had a choice between approximately 40 songs in this song folder and these 10 were my curated cuts. Track 1: We Begin was created as an intro for live performance and pre-lude to All Star Sci-Fi Fan. Soon to announce live shows and online streams on Stageit. In the beginning I may do more live streams as I create the new set and transition into tour dates. Rock on and see you out there :-)