Monday, May 26, 2014

Pencil Sketch 1 and Thoughts

Some guy driving toward an eyeball hill 

Trying to figure out where I left myself as my brain kept spinning  upon waking up. At least was able to sleep in that one day. I remember saying something to my significant other, she said she was off to take a bath, I told her I was going to go soak my brain in sleep. That's exactly what happened as I quickly visited the bathroom and laid down for what was close to 9 hours. I can barely remember dreams folding into dreams like a distant haze.

Today I decided that it's time to start sharing my sketches. A lot of them are quick and crude, yet fun to share nonetheless. Although I've posted tons of digital paintings I figured it would be nice to let people know that I pencil sketch all the time. I feel it's something that helps to get the imagination going and it's great practice for later when I break out the digital paintings or oils. It's also nice because every day I can't do a grand production, music videos and what not. This helps to formulate ideas and I can look back on my sketches over time to see what frame of mind I was in.