Thursday, June 16, 2016

The new album and catching up on the last few months

    My goal is to consistently post more often about the music I create. Currently my team and I are working on the new album consisting of space rock anthems and pop rock enjoyment. I can't wait for the new Sodacon to come out and the new tracks so far have a nice sizzle. You can hear the new tracks on Reverbnation and soon to be released as part of the new album. Today I'm focusing on the 3 most recent new Sodacon tracks. Soon the new singles will be released digitally along with music videos and the rest of the tracks from the new album. Enjoy the new songs below as you read:

So Many Times Again

    This particular track was recorded in March and ended up being a space rock anthem. It mainly describes my feelings about the huge amount of injustice we have to face in our lives and doing anything we can to overcome hardship. It's got it's fair share of unique Sodacon vocals "Brings back my style" as the chorus repeats so many times again (no pun intended). It fades out at the end and then comes back in with it's signature riff. 

Lightning Maze (featuring David Namerow) 

     What can I say about working with David on this track. It was seamless and amazing. I first contacted him because I found his Reverbnation page and I listened to several of his tracks and enjoyed them immensely. I humbly reached out and asked if he would collaborate on a song and he was very gracious about it. In fact he was also nice about giving me time to provide him with something. It took me about two months with all of life's distractions and chores to get back to him and he was still cool about it. I started writing and recording Lightning Maze at the end of January with David in mind for added percussion.

     I knew it was going to be an epic song with an adventurous quest theme yet I didn't know it was going to be so long. I created sections where I knew David could add percussion and tried to keep the mix balanced on that factor for the parts. I was worried when I first sent the mix to David and was not sure what to tell him about the track being 8 minutes and 32 seconds. I finally decided to just not say anything and just let him have at it. He did two different takes and sent them back to me and I enjoyed them both. We ended up releasing the song digitally worldwide, am creating a music video and also plan to work with David again on more songs.

Astro Jets

   I'm still trying to wrap my brain around the latest Sodacon track. It was created quickly within a weekend and the beat and bass serve as the core and then an interesting guitar riff comes in with ambient well mixed keys. The vocals are pop rock and fit the bouncy rhythm and lyrics regarding space travel and a willingness to not over analyze anything. I wasn't even sure how I felt about this track at first, and then exactly a week later it felt really solid and now its got a permanent spot on our Amazon Echo playlist. Strangely enough people in my house and friends started digging on this track after exactly one week. It reminds of those songs you hear at first and brain doesn't know what to do with it, and suddenly you hear it again and can't get enough. Music is a strange and wonderful thing.