Friday, September 23, 2016

So Many Times Again...Sodacon is back!

    It just seemed inevitable. We were off the radar for awhile and then suddenly we're back and it's really good to be back.The web site was updated and changed to There are also several new songs added to the live set. I'll miss in it's many incarnations over time, although now it's still alive with a rockin new name.
     The reason I lost the other domain is because i messed up. I was a half day late to renew the domain yet they said it was now in redemption and I had to pay $165.00 I'm a new dad and sometimes I'm busy taking care of my family. All in all I refused to pay huge fees for web domain redemption in the middle of a hot and ultra busy summer. Getting new hosting and redesigning the site took awhile yet I knew I'd get it back online eventually. Unfortunately trying to get around to designing it again was a pain. I realized if I was going to use Wordpress I'd have to invest in a nice theme although I don't like tinkering around with code hours at a time. After redesigning with Bandzoogle things went better. Either way can rock everyone has their way of going about designing their sites.
    Thank you for your support this last few years because as rough as it was, getting through it is satisfying somewhat in one way. We all have limited time and resources so you just have to make the most of what you have. I tip my hat to those who've done well in similar situations. We've added new songs and this little blog post is a nice icing on the cake for the beginning of a new adventure with