Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Sci Fi render art turns into Space Rock and Acoustic Traveling Bliss

I'm sharing tracks I've been working on for multiple projects. First I'll share something from the new Sodacon album called Glow Moon.

I created a series of renders featuring a mountainside, primitive alien beings and a glow moon with different types of weather and snapshots coming up and down over the horizon. This originally wasn't going to be the main album theme and then as I created 30 Glow Moon pieces I found that it all fit together nicely, even telling a story. The lyrics came easily for Glow Moon and I went into the studio recorded the song in sessions spread out between 2 days. More to come as I continue to add to this project.

The next track is from Moment by Moment, a new full band acoustic self titled project.

My original recording of this title track song took some time to adjust, mostly because I was busy working on all the other songs. Still it's moment by moment, breath by breath, one foot in front of the other we step, so I knew I had to finish. I knew which adjustments to make since it was on my mind for awhile. The end result is a track that sounds airy and fits the mold for a traveling song.