Friday, March 28, 2014

Salmon and Rice

Last night I cooked Salmon with rice including spicy cajun sauce and olive oil. I used a fair amount of olive oil in the pan and was liberal with the cajun spice both below and above on the fish, also when peeled and switched. 

Salmon in the frying pan 
At a certain point the skin is easy to just peel off. If you try to peel it at any time during cooking and it's being stubborn, come back in a few minutes. The fish will peel easily and then you can flip it for a few more minutes of finishing. 

Salmon with cajun spice and vinegar (not used in dish)

Rice with cajun spice

It helps to keep some vegetable and olive oil on hand. Always season the pan for about 10 minutes before cooking. 

After this I added tomatoes and green chilis and brought it back to a boil. At that point I brought it to a 20 minute simmer and added more cajun. Salmon and rice all done. Next time I will take more pictures of the finished product and share it again.