Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Adventures in the studio

     So far we are humming right along, and have the projects set. I took an older track from a project back in 04 and reworked the song. I also started another new track and have 3 discs set for release. I've been uploading each track individually and also going over concept ideas for the new covers.
     One of the discs, Hybrid Portal is all but completed along with SpaceArtRock 2.0 with a whole new array of new songs. The new album The Story Goes will contain all new songs as well.

Moments when I'm not working I've been spending time with my boy, who is talking more and recently started leading everyone around the house by the hand when he wants people to see something. My significant other is awesome as usual and getting excited for Halloween. I've added the usual decorations and am trying to figure out a costume for the dog. It will be one banner season and looking forward to sharing the new songs.