Friday, October 14, 2016

As the week unfolded...

     As the week unfolded it seemed as though everything is at least moving in some kind of direction, as opposed to the feeling of everything going at a snails pace. It feels good to be at the end of the week and some things have fallen into place. I enjoy the moments I can be in my studio and working on the new projects.
    You know the feeling. Tired as hell all week yet was able to get most of the way through recording a new song and prepare for Saturdays broadcast on Stageit. We also created a new promo video highlighting the new song.

     It's been a fun October as I've hidden out in the studio recreating some of the best tracks in my older catalog while also writing new material. It's been a fun experiment and I've enjoyed the music. One particular track "Lake Affect" is one I dragged out of the vault that has been a particular joy. I hoping to share the song this weekend.

I've also been working on new merchandise, created a t-shirt design that includes Sodacon text with strokes of gray and lightning bolts. I have a lot more in the works and am really focused on creating new unique items. I'm considering types of arm bands, several high quality t-shirt and hoodie designs, new stickers, or cd packages with basket of goodies and more. We'll go one at a time and I look forward it.