Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Flowing with the Current

     Tonight I feel a little better as I was able to upload the song I recorded last night. Sometimes you get so overwhelmed and it can be frustrating trying to manage everything that needs to be done. The new release(s) seems to be on track and we set a date for December 13th. I know release dates may not mean much anymore and sometimes they can get moved yet so far I can say we are on track.
   I've seen so much in my music life and dealt with my fair share of criticism, and sometimes even family. It makes it more difficult and then again there are great people who also present great things and I try to find and follow them. All I can say is I'm grateful for what I have in this life. It may not seem like a lot yet to me it's the world. I spent a lot of time thinking about this it I'd rather gravitate back toward those who have supported me most and support in return. To you I salut. Enjoy this new upload from today as well as the new Sodacon logo.