Friday, March 21, 2014

Dawn of the Return - New Space Rock

For today I've switched the blog over to +Sodacon to write about the latest recording from earlier
today, one I've put a  working title "Dawn at the Lighthouse".  A strange title yet a very nice track and one that I'm excited to share with fellow space rockers. I've posted a quick screenshot. As for the audio I promise I won't delay and will share it soon.

I just barely came across this erratic motion sound in the library, I may use it or I'll switch to another preset that is subtle. The track is mostly comprised of guitar, bass, vocals and drums.

For awhile I couldn't even remember that I had started this track, and then one day it was in my head humming along. I figured I may as well explore it, and I've glad that I did. We'll see how it goes yet a possible video as well. No matter what always on the space rock accelerator. A shout and keep on rockin on.