Friday, March 28, 2014

Happy Friday - Digital Cactus and Moon

Here is the weekend, and I wish a happy Friday to all.  Something for you to enjoy while I'm waiting for my video to encode. Unfortunately I'm recovering from an injury. Yay, always fun when something creeps up midweek out of the blue. Still staying creative with the music and finishing up projects. I have a new video that I'll post later today once it's done encoding. 

I'll start by sharing a digital painting water color, mixed with a tiny bit of oils. I can't remember from months ago yet I believe it's called Digital Cactus.

Digital Cactus - watercolor mixed with oils 
 Lately I've been blocking in my compositions with a drafting pencil and it's yielded better results. Enjoy your spring weekend in 2014 and shouts.

Glow Moon 19

I've tried all sorts of different things with the Glow Moon series. Here is another variation.